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Mud Hosting Services

Also view our plans in list format.

Mud Accounts
Click for info >>>BasicEnhancedAdvancedPremiumExtreme
Monthly Cost$6.00$9.00$11.00$16.00$24.00
Disk Space100 mb200 mb500 mb1000 mb2000 mb
# of TCP Ports5102550100
E-mail Aliases35102540
Hostname IncludedYesYesYesYesYes (2)
Webpage HostingNoYesYesYesYes (2)
Linux Shell Accounts11123
Allowed Number of Muds11123
Memory (RAM)20 mb25 mb30 mb60 mb120 mb
DNS Zone HostingNoNoNoYesYes (2)
MySQL DatabaseNoNoNoYesYes (2)
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Additional Options:
  • Additional megabytes of space
  • /month per 5 megabytes
  • Additional ports for muds
  • $0.00/month
  • Additional e-mail aliases
  • $0.00/month
  • Hostname (
  • $0.25/month
  • Additional Webpage
  • $1.00/month
  • Access to run 1 additional mud
  • $4.00/month
  • Additional Shell Account
  • $2.00/month
  • Additional Mailing Lists
  • $1.00/month
  • DNS Zone Hosting
  • $1.00/month
  • MySQL Database
  • $1.25/month

    • Web pages on these accounts are for mud use only. They must be completely non-profit. If you are looking to host a commercial site on our servers, please visit our web hosting services page.

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